Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How to Solve Vuze (Azuerues) Disk Write Problem

I use Vuze often for torrents. Of late I started encountering a strange little problem with my torrents. Whenever I would leave my computer idle for some time I would get an error message from one to many of the torrents. This drove me nuts. I use my computer to download a LOT of stuff, and my computer runs 24 X 7, with Vuze usually downloading something in the background. So I had to do a little digging, and the culprit turned out to be other processes. This is really weird. Vuze worked perfectly just some time ago, but now it keeps giving me problems. That’s crazy! The error that Vuze would spew out consistently was “File close fails: flush fails, open fails” and it would go on rambling about not able to access a file. Now there are two things to notice here:
1.The problem would not happen when you would immediately restart the torrent.
2.The problem would occur to random files (But mostly to those files that are being downloaded/written to).
Some process was obviously locking the file and preventing it from being written to by Vuze. So how do we solve this? I would not give out a process name yet, but I’ll write the steps that you can use to find the culprit process. You would need the following 2 utilities.
2.Process Explorer
Now whenever you encounter the problem, it would present itself with this kind of dialog:

I have done a shabby work of blacking out the file that was causing the problem, but don’t worry, it won’t be blackened out in the dialog on your computer.
Next, you want to go to that file and right click on it to select unlocker.
My Unlocker window reported these:
Azureus (Well, that figures)
DllHost (Aha! What’s this?)

To find out the trouble causing process we proceed to process explorer. Before we go there, let me give you a sneak preview of the culprit. It’s Windows! Anyway, when I checked for the DllHost process in process explorer, it wasn’t missing. But I noticed that the explorer was open with that folder. So I refreshed the view on this and then checked the process explorer again. Voila! There it was, for a fleeting moment, dllhost.exe appears, and then disappears. So that’s the problem! The Thumbnails cache locks the file which is being accessed by Vuze. Now, how do we confirm it? Well, freeze the process before we can collect data about it. Here’s the screenshot of the dllhost.exe process which has been suspended in process explorer.

Double click on the line of the process to get this dialog box:

And then do a simple registry search for the string contained in “{ }” (AB89…).
To do this, type Windows key + R. Then type regedit. Open registry editor. Hit control + F and then paste the string in {AB89….. } WITHOUT the { and the }.

What do we have here?

Looks like it was the thumbnail cache after all! So this is the method that you can choose to track down the culprit process for Vuze disk problems!
These are the processes that are known to give problems to torrent files:
• Google Desktop
• Media indexers (like Windows media center, ITunes etc)
• Burner indexers (Roxio, Nero etc)
• And from this discovery, the thumbnail cache.
What did I do to fix this problem? Two things:
1. Turned the thumbnails off.
2. Asked Google Desktop to kindly exclude this folder from indexing.

That’s it. Hope this solves your problem!


Anonymous said...

Good find!
What happens if you use the "Unlocker" tool to "Unlock" a process from a file ?

Achintya Sharma said...

Unlocker closes all the open handles to the file so that the file can be written/deleted...

BLT said...

I have this same issue, and when you say turn off thumbnails I assume you mean under the view options for folders, but I still have this problem occurring for my downloading torrents. Any other ideas?

Anonymous said...

(I am BLT) - And continuing on with that...all the information I've seen online is just not helping me. I had to install Windows 7 over windows XP and I find I now have this problem with this "flush fails" problem. Now using this guide I found the process, which was the same one you found in the same spot, but the question is HOW to stop it from accessing the files. I have turned off every "indexing" related thing I could find through using Google Search. "Windows Search"? Turned it off. Hard drives indexing files for faster recall? Turned it off. No I don't have this being saved to pre-specified folders like "Photos" or "My Documents" or something similar in Windows. I also don't have Google Desktop installed and yes...I am using NTFS and not FAT32. Yet every guide I'm looking for online just...talks about only this stuff. Can no one help here?

Anonymous said...

(BLT again)...

Since no one seems to mention this in connection to Vuze...I finally found a solution to my little problem: simply running the program as administrator in Windows 7. Try it and see if that works for whoever you are. said...

This site interest me a lot because of your good insight about the topic. its informative with lots of ideas

Rohan Hossain said...

looks like mr sharma got told by user BLT.


next time: easier solution for such a complicated procedure. god, how much time did that take you, same amount of time it took me to type this using a numeric keypad?

Dan Timper said...

Simply running as admin did not do the trick for me, but I didn't need to go as in depth as the OP. It turned out that windows media player was causing my issue, but all I had to do is just end the process called wmpntwk.exe. I had to view all running processes and kill it at the admin level, but after I did so, everything started working again. Note: this only seems to happen with mp3 files and whenever I use WMP, the process comes back again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing with us your findings as this problem was driving me crazy,
My media indexers were the main culprit, I'll turn off thumbnail cache as soon as i see it act up again.

Daniel Beatty said...

Does anyone know how to fix this when Unlocker says opens a dialog saying "No Locking handle found"? I assume Vuze should at least show up as a 'locking handle' while it's checking and downloading the item.